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Power should be an asset, never a liability.  The Affinity 3.5 feels and handles like a smaller-gauge shotgun while offering the full capabilities of today’s 31⁄2" shells. Together, Franchi's Inertia Driven® system and TSA pad—which absorbs up to 50% of the recoil—translate into a pleasant shooting experience no matter the conditions. Handling is also optimized thanks to the slim forend profile made possible by the recoil spring being efficiently housed around the magazine tube. The stock is also trim and includes an internal balance weight that can be removed to customize weight-distribution.

This Affinity 3.5 comes in TruTiber DRT (Dead Right There) Camo with 28-inch barrel that sports a stepped, ventilated-rib with a red fibre-optic front sight. Three choke tubes are supplied with the Affinity 3.5, including IC, M, and F (choke wrench included). Shouldering and aiming the Affinity 3.5 is like pointing your finger—you will instantly know what “right” feels like.

TruTimber DRT Camo Features:

While drafting a new wetland and fowl camouflage, the primary focus was to establish a pattern that was reliable and could blend with multiple landscapes. If there’s one thing that is for certain when birds are flying overhead, a hunter’s camo pattern is just as important as their shotgun, or good ol’ retriever.

The end result has become: DRT™ (Dead Right There). The brown and grey contrast is dark enough for swamps and wetlands, and there’s just enough hazy yellow colouration for cattails and CRP fields. Gettin’ close is no longer an issue.

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