Archery Youth Compounds

We carry many youth compound bows and bow packages from several of today's top bow manufacturers; such as Mission Archery (Mathews), Diamond Archery (Bowtech), PSE Archery, and more! Our youth bows have a huge range of draw weight and draw length adjustment so you won't have to worry your child out growing their bow in a year or two. Bow's like the Diamond Edge 320 have a draw length adjustment range from 15"-31" and a draw weight range from 7-70lbs! That means one bow, one time and then they can buy their own!

Some of our best value packages:

For beginners:

  • Diamond Atomic - extremely light weight (12"-24", 6-29lbs)
  • PSE Mini Burner - a 1st hunting bow they can grow into the sport with- great package (16"-26.5", 4-40lbs)
  • Mission Radik - lightweight and comfortable (17"-28", 10-50lbs)
  • Diamond Prism - lightweight and comes in many colours (18"-30", 5-55lbs)

For the non-stop growing - 1 bow to last them until they buy their own!

  • PSE Uprising - fully outfitted for under $400 - (14"-30", 12-70lbs)
  • Diamond Infinite Edge Pro - fully equipped, hard to out-grow (13-31", 5-70lbs)
  • Mission Hamm'r - built to last (17"-29", 16-70lbs)