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The Bowtech Solution brings the ultimate shooting experience for 2021, with a silky smooth draw that can be shot for days on end and held at full draw tirelessly. The DeadLock cam system achieves flawless accuracy that is locked in for good. As with the Solution, the limbs coupled with a center pivot riser design, annihilate sound and vibration at their source, providing only one sensation...pure shooting bliss.


Out of one Solution another is born…the Solution SS…short for SUPER SMOOTH. With the silkiest draw ever, that can be shot for days on end and held tirelessly at full draw, the DeadLock® Cam System achieves flawless accuracy that is locked in for good. Its modern riser optimizes efficiency; transferring more energy into the arrow while annihilating all sound and vibration. Step up to the ultimate shooting experience in super-smooth fashion.

DeadLock Cams
Not only the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight, but the surest way to maintain it. Just move the cams left or right on the axles with a turn of a screw to position all the energy directly behind the arrow. Then lock it down for permanent, repeatable accuracy…all with a smooth-as-silk draw and outstanding speed.

DeadLock Pocket
DeadLock limb pockets lock every component in the entire bow structure as one for the most rigid, accuracy-producing platform possible.

DeadLock Cable Containment
The reduced torque translates to added forgiveness and dramatically enhanced shot-to-shot consistency.

Clutch Performance Grip
The most comfortable modular grips on the market are engineered to reduce torque while increasing comfort. Our low-profile Clutch grip comes standard. 

Orbit Dampener
Significantly reduces all felt vibration while offsetting the weight of additional accessories.


  • Length: 30" ATA
  • Brace height: 7 "
  • Speed: 332 FPS
  • Draw length: 25.5" - 31"
  • Draw weight (lbs): 50, 60, 70
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Standard Finishes: Black, Mossy oak breakup country
  • Additional finishes (subject to additional charge): Flat dark earth, OD Green, Smoke grey, Realtree edge, Kryptek Altitude, Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Verde


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