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Bowtech CARBON ONE X: Stability Meets Comfort in Archery

Key Features:

  • Extended Stability: Built on the renowned Carbon One platform with an extended axle-to-axle design for enhanced stability.
  • Smooth Performance: Experience a bow that's smooth on the draw and shot, tailored for comfort in use.
  • Advanced Carbon Riser: The strategically engineered carbon riser, in combination with Orbit Dampeners, virtually eliminates all felt vibration upon shooting.
  • DeadLock Cam System: Equipped with Bowtech's DeadLock Cam System, offering the quickest and simplest way to achieve perfect arrow flight and repeatable accuracy.
  • TimeLock Technology: Adjust your cam position quickly and effortlessly with a simple Allen wrench, eliminating the need for a press.
  • Customization Options: Explore a range of alternate and custom decoration options to personalize your bow (additional charges may apply).

Experience the perfect blend of stability and comfort with the Bowtech CARBON ONE X, designed for the discerning archer seeking precision and ease in every shot



  • Mass Weight: 4.5 lbs

    • Benefit from enhanced mobility with this lightweight bow. You can also add weights or dampeners to significantly reduce vibration for a more stable shooting experience.
  • Adjustable Draw Length: 25.5" - 30.5"

    • Our compound bow is designed to accommodate various body sizes and shapes, offering an adjustable draw length to ensure a perfect fit and optimal comfort during use.
  • Draw Weight Options: 50, 60, 70 lbs

    • Customize the draw weight to your preference, with options to reduce the maximum draw weight by up to 10 lbs. This versatility allows for comfortable draw cycles for archers of all strengths, while also maximizing energy for the shot.
  • High-Speed Performance: 339 FPS

    • Modern bow speeds provide increased forgiveness and a faster bow ensures more downrange energy, making each shot more effective.
  • Axle to Axle Length: 33"

    • This bow length offers a balance between increased stability for long-range accuracy and maneuverability in confined spaces, suitable for a variety of shooting conditions.
  • Optimized Brace Height: 6.125"

    • The brace height is designed to maximize forgiveness on the shot, with a length that can also contribute to making a fast bow even faster.
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